Candidate Polling Data Sources

Knowing the names of the candidates for political office is one thing, but knowing how the voters feel they are doing in their campaigns is of HUGE VALUE. In this regard, National Defense PAC has conducted an extensive research effort to find what we consider as the best and most comprehensive internet sources for that polling information. We have decided that the following two URL’s will give you a good dual-source to see the current polling data that is available on individual candidates and make up your own mind as to how much their data are in agreement or not. We at National Defense PAC use both of these sources all the time.

We hope this information is of value to you. As we have all learned in recent years, “Elections Have Consequences” and if we all do not get involved in this years elections and defeat those candidates that are spending our nation into bankruptcy and allowing illegal aliens to cross our borders at will, then we have only ourselves to blame.