Members of Congress who are Military Veterans

NDPAC feels strongly that having a representative number of military veterans as Members of Congress is a serious matter for this body that determines ALL funding for the U. S. Armed Forces, one of growing concern since that number continues to get smaller and smaller with each new Congress. Yet efforts to find such listings on the websites of the House of Representatives or the U. S. Senate in the past have produced at best, only outdated lists relating back 3 years or more, perhaps indicative of the thinking of the current Congress on this matter. As such, NDPAC has researched the internet and polled several of the military and veterans organizations asking them for any information they have on these important listings, and we have come up with three that we link to below in order to provide you with an easy-access source to either a summary list or a detailed analysis. We hope you find this information of value and that it becomes a “one-stop-shopping source” for you when you’re looking to determine who in Congress is a military veteran.

Very special thanks to the National Association of Uniformed Services [NAUS] and the Reserve Officers Association [ROA] for their assistance in this effort, and a WELL DONE to the U. S. House of Representatives who now has an up-to-date listing as of 2011: