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NATIONAL DEFENSE PAC: Our “Band of Brothers”
The American Public, for several years now, has consistently voted service in the U. S. Armed Forces as the most trusted and admired profession, literally magnitudes above the U. S. Congress, always significantly above the President of the United States, and also magnitudes above journalists, lawyers, politicians, the news media, car salesmen, union leaders, movie actors, and professional athletes. With the American Public’s declining lack of trust in Congress and growing feeling they are without honor and honesty, National Defense PAC wants to replace as many as possible in Congress with military veterans, who the American People say they trust and respect. That’s WHO we are and what we’re trying to make happen.

Leadership Starts Here

America is in serious trouble and our current national leadership has not demonstrated the capability to deal with it or fix it. Their priorities are totally out of sync with reality and do not match our desperate need to address our major problems!

We’re waging two wars…PLUS

We’re fighting a global War on Terror with an enemy that has publicly stated their objective is to bankrupt us, and a government that is spending at such an outrageous rate that we are headed for this bankruptcy like some third-world banana republic …

Our military is operating in an incredibly more complex world and our people and equipment are stretched to the limit…

We face new threats increasingly fueled with ever deadlier technologies and driven by a fanaticism that believes their religion gives them authority to kill all Americans— men, women, and children. No doubt, 9-11 proved Muslim extremists will do just that when opportunity and capability align. We must remember Muslim extremists killed over 3,000 of us in one day—–more Americans than we lost at Pearl Harbor…

We have an exploding veterans population facing unprecedented challenges and a federal government in a death spiral of deficit spending that has our nation cascading towards bankruptcy——-

  • A G.I. Bill often dysfunctional and overwhelmed with bureaucratic paperwork and multi-layered oversight
  • A Veterans Administration all-too-often focused in denying veterans benefits rather than taking care of them
  • A lack of experienced leadership throughout government with 40% of the career federal workforce retiring in the next five years
  • An Administration and Congress totally focused on raising taxes and engaging in out of control deficit spending by over $1.3 Trillion Dollars EACH YEAR, rather than mandating fiscal responsibility, CUTTING SPENDING, and bringing our national budget expenditures back in line with federal income.
  • An out-of-control Medicare system that admits to having $120 Billion Dollars in annual waste and fraud, with zero focus on increasing investigation and prosecution to reclaim those dollars to the taxpayer and national benefit
  • A defense budget cascading towards disaster as personnel costs threaten to overwhelm any funding for technology updates, equipment purchases, and an urgent need for more effective use of the Guard & Reserve to overcome this personnel cost deficit.
Mission Statement

The National Defense Political Action Committee is dedicated to electing Military Veterans to the U. S. Congress who share the traditional American values of a limited fiscally responsible government, ensuring a strong national defense, protecting the rights/interests of service members, and our historic commitment to our Veterans.

Now more than ever, it is time for Veterans to be heard, to challenge, and to LEAD.

Join the National Defense PAC – The only Political Action Committee dedicated to electing America’s Military Veterans to public office!

Take a stand and help elect Veterans who know what it’s like to put their life on the line for our nation’s protection, understand the challenges we face, support a sound fiscal governance where expenditures do NOT exceed income, live up to America’s commitment to our Veterans, and are committed to a strong national defense and homeland security.

Your contributions support our efforts nationwide to elect military veterans to Congress – bringing military-discipline-based loyalty, dedication, and commitment to produce these results to our national governance. Together, we MUST take a stand, MAKE a difference, and LEAD, and we need to do it NOW.

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Your contributions to the National Defense PAC allow us to aggressively support veterans for office who share, and LIVE, our values.


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